AccueilProject Management
As a Project Manager, the main tasks allocated to me were:
  • Client representative for works period, quality control, budgets and schedule, hand over procedures.
  • Technical and architectural surveys for retail, office, residential and industrial buildings.
  • Due diligences, architectural and technical analysis.

My best moments in my active period of Project Management practices were at these 4 projects:

- Heron - Rue de la Paix.
- Ericsson - Headquarter at Massy - Palaiseau.
- Capitale Sud - Montrouge.
- Anthalis - Europe. (Due Diligence).

Indeed, on the first 3 projects i was given complete autonomy and decision making abilities, whereas on the last one, I had to manage, organize and dispatch a 5 membered team. Unluckily, the economic crisis didn't spare the company i was working at and competition within and outside Europtima's walls was getting more and more merciless.

I have reinforced throughout my 3 year experience at Europtima France the following skills and knowledge:

- Decision making.
- Autonomy.
- Technical and administrative skills.
- A fine sense of defending the client's interests and needs.
- A sense of responsibility.
- Self and team management skills.
- Promoting schedule and budget efficiency.

My personality and all of my project management and computer skills were highly seen at Europtima France. In that respect, I invite you to look here at an extract from a yearly memorandum sent to me from the CEO.